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Praise for Conversion Conference

“great conference to attend”

A great conference to attend for anyone in the internet marketing industry: SEO, PPC, Social, Designers, UX, Media Buyers, etc. Everyone has something to learn, some angle they haven’t explored, and they can find it at the Conversion Conference.

– Morgan Horwitz, Marketing Director, Home Gallery Stores

“a must-see event”

The Conversion Conference is a must see event for all levels of the spectrum. It doesn’t matter if you have been in the technology field for less than two years (myself) or 10 years. You will leave with knowledge and learning’s you can apply to your website immediately.

– Randy Gibson, CareerBuilder, Chicago 2013

“valuable insights”

The Conversion Conference is one of the best knowledge sharing and networking events that every pro in the field of the website optimization must attend. I came back with valuable insights and fully charged with positive emotions.

– Oleg Zhukhovitskiy, Optimization Manager, Symantec

“most valuable two days”

The Conversion Conference was probably the most valuable two days I spent all year, well worth the time spent and the price of admission. If you earn a living managing a website, don’t even think about it – just go.

– Michael Herder, CEO,, Inc

“one of the few must-attend shows”

In an era of too many conferences with too little focus, Conversion Conference stands out as one of the few must-attend shows. If you don’t walk out of this conference with actionable ideas to improve your company’s ROI, you weren’t paying attention!

– David Rodnitzky, Founder, PPC Associates, San Jose 2010

“world class experts”

This conference is a MUST for all professionals engaged in web marketing. The content is chock-full of the latest learning and practices from true, world-class experts. The Conversion Conference is a terrific investment of time that pays dividends in real-world results.

– Mike Bell, President, SOS Online Backup, Washington DC 2010

“the speakers were terrific”

I would highly recommended the Conversion Conference to anyone involved in website conversion optimization. The speakers were terrific… I guarantee you will leave with something you can use. The atmosphere is casual and fun and you’ll have a lot of opportunities to personally interact with all the big names in conversion optimization, including Tim Ash himself.

– Rebecca Jacobs, Marketing Manager, National Business Furniture, Chicago 2013

“keynotes were fantastic”

Great conference! Speakers were top-notch, sessions were educational and entertaining with plenty of immediately applicable information, keynotes were fantastic. The only conference where you can really network with such a concentrated group of optimization and analytics professionals. If you have anything to do with online optimization, this is a must-attend event.

– Benjamin Liu, Director of Web Optimization, Experian Consumer Direct, San Jose 2010

“good stuff”

SEO is one thing, conversion is another. If you want to increase ROI you need to know and design for both. The Conversion Conference delves into the phsycology of the click – good stuff.

– Jim Summer, Senior SEO Specialist, JPMorgan Chase

“would recommend to anyone”

I really enjoyed both ConvCon & eMetrics summit, it was all very well organized and extremely professional. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to be a better marketer.

– Tzvi Harel, Conversion Optimization, SpiralSolutions

“best conference I have attended”

This was the best conference I have attended in years. I walked away with ready-to-implement knowledge that will help grow our business and improve our clients performance online.

– Tim Grant, Gamma Partners, Chicago 2013

“one event you should not miss”

If you are passionate about conversion rate optimization as much as the Conversion Conference attendees are this is one event you should not miss!

– Nazli Yuzak, Digital Optimization, Dell, Florida 2012 & San Francisco 2013

“just what I needed”

Conversion Conference was just what I needed to get up to speed on the latest tools and research-based best practices as they continue to be refined in this area.

– Joel Baskin, UX Designer, All Star Directories

“blown away”

After previous trips to “Big Name” digital marketing conferences I was relieved and blown away at the quality of speaker and quality of content covered at Conversion Conference. The future conferences will always be on my calendar.

– Kraig Guffey, Response Mine Interactive, San Jose 2010

“gave me the tools and motivation”

The conference gave me the tools and additional motivation to implement them.

– Joel Baskin, UX Designer, All Star Directories

“truly actionable”

Great speakers with truly actionable information. Left with a long to do list!

– Dawn McGreevey, Marketing Director, DealerMatch, Chicago 2013

“extremely useful and engaging”

was very impressed by Conversion Conference, and got a lot out of it. I tend to be skeptical about conferences because often you are promised a lot and don’t learn much – sometimes the content is too basic, or the sessions are self-serving. But at Conversion Conference, the expertise of the speakers, coupled with their energy and obvious passion for the subject, made this an extremely useful and engaging conference. The live critiques of landing pages were fantastic, and fun (for those of us who live and breathe this stuff). The fact that the rooms were still packed during the last session on the second day is a good indicator of the quality of the program! I came back to the office newly energized to put a lot of new tests and tactics into practice.

– CC Gachet, AARP