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April 15, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013
8:00-8:45 am Registration & Networking Breakfast
8:45-9:00 am Welcome & Morning Remarks
Tim Ash: Conference Chair; CEO, SiteTuners & Author, Landing Page Optimization
9:10 - 10:00 am Keynote Presentation:
That's Irrational! Why Selling To The Logical Brain Won't Get Results

Tim Ash: Conference Chair; CEO, SiteTuners & Author, Landing Page Optimization

Take a wild ride through neuromarketing and find out about the evolutionary collage inside of your head. You actually have three brains, and appealing to the logical one is unlikely to produce results. Learn what motivates your primitive reptilian brain, and how to skyrocket online conversion rates.

10:00 - 10:30 am Morning Break • Exhibit Hall
10:30-11:20 am
(Choose one)
7 Ways to Flip Your Message for Higher Conversion Rates Brian Massey: Conversion Scientist, Conversion Sciences

Statistics or stories? Proof or payoff? Facts or feelings? Data or discounts? At the heart of every landing page, email and ad is the question, "What angle should I take?" You don't have to flip a coin. Flip the message. There are several models that instruct us on how to approach our message: Modes of persuasion, transactional/relational, Schwartz Awareness Scale, etc. Brian will have you flipping in no time by introducing you to some very helpful techniques for flipping landing pages and emails from failures to successes.

Triggering the Sale: 5 Elements of High-Converting Product PagesPhillip Klien: Owner & Chief Innovation Officer, BTBuckets

Still stuck in the right brain vs left brain conundrum? That's so 70s! Learn what really matters in brain anatomy based on insights culled from $100,000 worth of real eyetracking tests and neuroscience lab experiments. In this session, Phillip will show you some rather unexpected behaviors of visitors that you need to know in order to fine-tune elements on your product pages and accelerate click-to-cart responses.

Measuring Conversion When You Have No CartAllison Hartsoe: Senior Manager, Ernst & Young
Jamie Zimmerman:Manager, Marketing Analytics, Genentech

How do you analyze traffic and conversion if the purpose of your site is branding or education and not sales? Hear how to use easy-to-build data cuts from any web analytics tool to clean the numbers and gain more insights regarding the quality of traffic. Then, explore a much more advanced model that combines data sources to build on these fundamentals. Learn how to slice the data and read what your website is telling you; where to combine offline data with online data; and how to stop speaking jargon and start speaking value by matching up business goals.

11:30 am - 12:15 pm
(Choose one)
Blogversion: Converting Blog Readers into Customers Neil Patel: Co-founder, KISSmetrics & Crazy Egg

Creating a popular blog isn't hard. Generating a positive ROI from blogging is a different story. Monetizing blogs is much more difficult than building traffic, but Neil has figured out the formula - and he's proven it on four separate blogs which each attract more than 100,000 visitors monthly and have become significant drivers of new business. If you're churning out a ton of great content that lots of people are reading and sharing, you need to find out Neil's secret for turning your blog readers into paying customers. After this one hour session you'll never look at your blogging efforts the same.

The Design Psychology of ConversionCharlie Claxton: VP of Creative Strategy, Produxs

Forget personas for a minute. Push your use cases aside. This session is all about driving a desired behavior by simply harnessing the cognitive biases that each of your visitors has. Learn how to align behavioral psychology biases like authority and trust, framing, and operant conditioning with design paradigms to create solutions that support your specific conversion action.

Streamlining Optimization: A Methodology for Pre-Testing IdeasJoe Rawlinson: Senior eCommerce Product Manager, National Instruments

Too many web projects and redesigns fail to deliver the expected business value. Fortunately, you can validate project ideas before investing tons of time and resources on implementation. Get a rare inside peek at National Instruments' lean and experiment-based mindset that has determined whether fledgling ideas are worth further investment and setting priorities based on which concepts are most likely to improve conversion rates and enhance the customer experience.

12:15-1:30 pm Lunch and Roundtable Discussions
1:30-2:15 pm
(Choose one)
Landing Experience Optimization: Get Eye-Popping Results from Your SEMLance Loveday: CEO, Closed Loop

Tired of scratching and clawing with competitors for small incremental gains from your SEM campaigns? Learn how Landing Experience Optimization (LXO) can transform your paid search efforts by giving your visitors a highly customized landing page experience. Lance will present a multi-year case study in which he'll break down the process and show you specific design examples (as well as the eye-popping results!) that could make you rethink your entire approach to conversion optimization.

Celebrating Failure: Why Most Tests Fail and Why That's Good Nazli Yuzak: Sr. Behavioral Targeting Manager, Dell
Eric Brandt: Internet Marketing Manager,

More than half of conversion optimization tests get less than a one percent lift in conversion rates. What happens when these tests fail? Nazli and Eric will explore what makes specific tests fail, and techniques they've used to gain actionable insights that improved further testing. You'll learn new methods of dissecting test results and ideas for implementing the learnings from each failure into better testing and ultimately sounder data analyzation.

Social Media, Meet Conversion:
The Secrets to the Strategic Thinking & On the Ground Tactics Driving Social Success
Aaron Kahlow: CEO, Online Marketing Institute

Social media and ALL digital marketing have become forever linked. And when you connect the research, case studies and tactics it proves to be a very compelling story on ROI. Whether it's the explosive growth of video consumption or the social media facebook success stories, all companies that are leveraging these trends are seeing tremendous ROI.

Join Aaron as he shows how storytelling on Pinterest and Instagram can be used for lead generation, how companies like Starbucks, Target and Amazon are increasing sales through Facebook amplification tactics and ways you can develop multi-channel attribution models to measure your social media marketing strategy.

2:30 - 3:15 pm
(Choose one)
A Blue-Ribbon Recipe for Creating Content that ConvertsByron White: Chief Idea Officer, IdeaLaunch & WriterAccess

Many plug-and-play testing platforms will help you "bake" up new landing pages by giving you lots of ingredients to throw into the mix. But simply combining a bunch of ingredients and baking them together in the test oven can be a big mistake. Even with the best landing page design, you've got to first make the customer hungry -- and no page element does that as effectively as words. Join Byron as he demonstrates his secret recipe for creating content that turns browsers into believers, and believers into buyers. Once you learn his method, you'll see how easy it is to create compelling copy, and understand the important role great content plays in the conversion recipe. You'll also get a free PDF version of Byron's 101 Content Marketing Tips book.

Step-by-Step: A Newcomer's Guide to CRO Stephen Pavlovich: CEO, Conversion Factory

Not sure where to start with CRO? Learn Conversion Factory's step-by-step process to increasing conversion rates that they've used for companies ranging from start-ups to billion-dollar web giants. The process is designed to get results as rapidly as possible, and has generated double and triple-digit conversion lifts and increased lifetime customer value. You'll get details on every step of the process, as well as checklists covering the key project stages.

5 Facebook Landing Pages That WorkDennis Yu: Founder, BlitzMetrics

Which Facebook widget do you use to drive conversions? When should you host your landing page as part of your tab versus on your website? When should you nurture leads versus drive the sale? Come learn the 5 mistakes that direct marketers make when trying to convert using Facebook traffic, and see specific examples on how to best use Facebook for your landing pages -- complete with supporting data from more than 2,300 campaigns and half a trillion impressions. Whether you market to consumers or businesses, you'll get proven ideas for aligning your target audience to your ad copy to your landing page.

3:15-3:45 pm Afternoon Break • Exhibit Hall
3:45-4:30 pm
(Choose one)
On Target: Right Content, Right Person, Right Time… Right NowDan Siroker: CEO, Optimizely

Most marketers know that providing a personalized experience to their website visitors is critical in the battle to increase conversions. Still, the typical website experience is designed around providing many visitors with an experience based on the average best. In this session, Dan will show how today's marketer can easily provide unique web experiences tailored to each individual visitor and he'll share examples, best practices, and lessons learned from over 100,000 a/b tests and personalization campaigns.

B2B Web Design: Turn Your Site into a Conversion MachineGraeme McLaughlin: Marketing Manager, Optamo

Before committing budget to a website redesign, learn how to re-tool & design your site for conversions. In this co-presented client session we share our process in how to take the risk out of a B2B website redesign. Learn what to test and measure before jumping straight into design. See how to build a strategic testing framework and develop your new site based on conversion data & solid messaging, not the prettiest mock-up.

10 CreativeTactics for Converting Through Social Lisa Kalner Williams:Founder & Marketer, Sierra Tierra Marketing

There's no shortage of social channels for businesses to incorporate into their marketing outlets, but with limited resources the goal for most marketers is to focus their social efforts on tactics that will drive conversions. This information-packed session will reveal ten ways you can use your social platforms to support B2C and B2B conversion goals. Discover - or rediscover - how small tweaks in the way you connect with your audience on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Slideshare can lead to big gains in ROI.

4:45-5:30 pm Keynote Presentation
The Journey To Conversion
Charles Nicholls: Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, SeeWhy

Only 0.25% of new visitors will convert in any given session, but if a visitor returns then the probability of getting a conversion increases by 900%. Most visitors will require multiple visits before purchasing: at each subsequent visit, and the deeper they get in the sales funnel, the more likely they are to convert.

What about the other 99.75% of new visitors? In this keynote, Charles explains why they don't convert initially, and what it takes to get them back to the site and drawn deeper in the funnel. You'll see how no two customer journeys are alike, why you should use buyer emotion to trigger the sale, and how the conversion process changes across different devices. After this keynote you'll look at conversion in a completely different light.

5:30-7:00 pm Cocktail Reception in the Exhibit Hall

April 16, 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013
8:45 - 9:00 am Morning Remarks
Tim Ash:Conference Chair; CEO, SiteTuners & Author, Landing Page Optimization
9:10 - 10:10 am Keynote Presentation
Why Mobile will Either Make or Break Your Business
Richard Banfield: Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, fresh tilled soil

More people are shopping and doing business on mobile devices than ever before. The burgeoning market of smartphones, tablets and phablets combined with increasingly faster network speeds has led to the prediction that mobile devices will surpass desktop devices for browsing, shopping and connecting online by 2015. Last year alone, mobile payments increased by 190% -- a stastistic that will seem tiny when compared to 2013 growth. Are you prepared to satisfy these mobile bound customers? Your answer to this critical question may determine whether your business is going to thrive or dive over the next five years.

10:10 - 10:40 am Morning Break • Exhibit Hall
10:40-11:30 am
(Choose one)
Tablets & the Accelerating Pace of Behavior Change John Whalen: UX Lead and Founder, Brilliant Experience

This session will reveal the latest behavior research on various tablets, mini-tablets, transformer-tablets, and their implications for converting customers. Get actionable insights to make sure you're optimizing for one of the fastest growing devices people use to complete interactions. Do users click or swipe? What is "usable" now? How is the user experience changing? Participants will walk through the strengths and weaknesses of some of the most popular site designs and apps, exploring user expectations, user experiences and their implications for conversion design.

Four Steps to Personalizing Your B2B Website for Increased Lead Flow and Conversions Greg Ott: CMO, DemandBase

In the B2B world, sales don't happen without customers interacting with your website. Are they quickly finding relevant information on your site and are they completing your web forms? In an environment where B2B marketing messages are becoming more cluttered, providing prospects with relevant, targeted, and personalized Web experiences is critical. This session will show you how to determine your marketing sweet spot, segment your web traffic and provide relevant, personalized experiences to each segment. You'll also see specific strategies for increasing your form-fill rate, and learn how to use your analytics to continually refine your B2B marketing campaigns.

Is it Really Better? Making Sense of Conflicting Test ResultsJosh Krafchin: Founder, Clever Zebo

There's no greater feeling than when your A/B testing suite returns a 95%+ confidence rating on a winning test. The reality, though, is that many A/B tests will have conflicting results. Even worse, two companies may test nearly the same element change and get opposite results. In this interactive session, Josh Krafchin will dissect a number of A/B tests in the quest for testing sanity.

11:45 am - 12:30 pm
(Choose one)
From the Ground Up: Developing a Conversion Optimization Strategy Chris Goward: Founder & CEO, WiderFunnel

Attempting to do Conversion Rate Optimization without a strategy is like driving a powerboat with no rudder. You'll go in the wrong direction fast! In this session, Chris will show you his 5-step strategy that dramatically improves conversion rates and drives business results. Through practical examples, you'll learn where to focus, what to test and how to avoid common mistakes.

Optimizing Your On-Site Video: 5 Proven Testing Tips John Cecil: President, Innovate Media

Testing is common online, but many marketers don't test whether or not to include video on their landing page, not to mention what kinds of video are most effectively. From video spokespersons to explainer videos, elements such as video length, gender of the model, whether or not to autoplay and of course script can all have a huge impact on conversion rates and should be tested and optimized. Learn how to apply the principles of A/B split tests to video optimization and how to prioritize which aspects of your on-site videos to test. For most sites, the issue is not whether video will increase conversions, but rather how small tweaks in production or delivery can really supercharge results. This session will change the way you think about video, and give you a roadmap for proving and maximizing its value on your site.

Boosting Conversion from Onsite Search with Natural Language Jordi Torras:CEO, Inbenta

Natural Language Processing and semantics have been used by search engines for a while now, but marketers have yet to harness the potential of using natural language search on their sites to boost search-to-buy conversions. The latest theoretical frameworks like Meaning-Text Theory and Lexical Functions can lift conversion rates by as much as 400%. Come see what you're missing out on with your standard on-site search, and peer into the not-so-distant future when websites can infer, or even predict, what visitors are looking for.

12:30 - 1:45 pm Lunch and Roundtable Discussions
1:45 - 2:30 pm
(Choose one)
Brainfluence Copywriting: Creating Persuasive Content Roger Dooley: Author of "Brainfluence"

The words and structure we use on our landing pages and other site pages can have a huge impact on whether a visitor converts to a customer or lead. Learn multiple ways to create content and use language that appeals directly to your visitor's brain on a subconscious level. Drawing on both neuroscience and behavior research, Roger will show you specific tips, tricks, and techniques for creating truly persuasive content.

Slice and Dice Your PPC for Higher Conversions Jeff Ferguson: CEO/Lead Consultant, Fang Digital Marketing

With so many targeting, networks, devices, and other options available via Google's Adwords and Bing Ads, the surest way to win is to pile them on top of each other, right? Wrong! In most cases, these various audiences and targets display a myriad of different personalities and usage habits that cannot be addressed with one set of keywords, search ads, or landing pages. However, by slicing and dicing these features into individual campaigns with matching ads and landing pages, the new learnings and potential for conversion optimization is worth the extra effort needed to build them out.

Measure and Optimize Your Social Media Efforts Jim Sterne: author of "Social Media Metrics" and eMetrics Summit Chair

Before you can optimize your social media efforts you've got to be able to measure their effectiveness. Clearly, it's not a matter of how many followers or fans you have, or even how "engaged" they are. But many marketers struggle to identify the right metrics that go beyond measuring these initial results. If you're trying to optimize the marketing efforts that lead to your business goals (improved sales, more qualified leads), you don't want to miss this session by Jim Sterne. You'll learn the most effective metrics to use for all components of your social media marketing: reach, influence, sentiment, and most importantly actions.

2:45 - 3:30 pm
(Choose one)
A Persuasive Approach to Web Design Peep Laja: Conversion Architect, ConversionXL

When it comes to online conversions, web design exists for one reason: to influence and drive visitors down the funnel. Drawing from the latest research on neuro web design and the results of numerous heatmap tests, Peep will show you a framework for persuasive design that you can use for influencing user behavior on your website. You'll get practical insights on what makes online visitors tick and how to incorporate these into your web design for increasing online conversions right away.

Feeding the Lion: Evaluating Lead Gen Strategies for Hungry Sales Teams Jeanne Hopkins:Chief Marketing Officer, SmartBear Software

If you have the responsibility of generating qualified leads for a sales team, you probably feel like you've tried every conceivable offer: free trials, ebook downloads, webinars, demos. How do you find that optimal offer that generates a steady stream of new leads that are qualified to be handed over to sales? What do you do when sales won't work the leads you've generated and qualifed, and how do you measure conversion when the sales team and marketing team define "qualified lead" differently? Come hear how companies like HubSpot, MEC Labs and SmartBear Software deal with these issues, and see how they've tested various offers and pages in search of the most efficient lead gen strategies.

Get More Bang for Your Paid Search Buck with Optimized Landing ExperiencesMary D'Alatri: Director of Account Services, ion interactive

Want to decrease your CPC, raise your quality score and get greater return on your ad spend? (Duh!) This session will unveil three of the easiest and most cost effective ways to boost your PPC and display ad effectiveness. You'll learn how to segment visitors so they hit the right page with the right content in the right format, how to target low funnel keywords to increase quality score and enhance relevancy, and how to increase the value of high funnel keywords through the power of conversion content marketing.

3:30-4:00 pm Afternoon Break in the Exhibit Hall
4:00 - 5:00 pm Afternoon at the Improv: Live Landing Page ReviewsTim Ash:Conference Chair and CEO, SiteTuners
Dan Siroker: CEO, Optimizely

Know your landing page has problems, but don't know where to start? Here's your chance to get some free conversion advice from the experts. This session, always a Conversion Conference favorite, is unscripted, unpredictable, and fun. You'll see live, spontaneous assessments of attendee web sites, complete with actionable advice on changes that could have an immediate impact on conversions. Whether you submit your site for review, or watch while your colleagues take the heat, there's no better way to see conversion best practices in action. You don't want to miss this session!

5:00 - 5:15 pm Closing Wrap Up


April 17, 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
9:00 am-1:00 pm
Half-Day Workshop
Landing Page Optimization Introduction - Hands On Tim Ash: Conference Chair & CEO, SiteTuners

How much money are you losing with poorly performing landing pages?

Changes in landing page efficiency can dramatically improve the profitability of your online marketing programs. This fast-paced and practical hands-on training will provide you with a crash course in landing page optimization. Landing page optimization expert and CEO Tim Ash will help you to improve conversions by applying "The Matrix" methodology to your landing page or website. The Matrix is a framework for understanding your audience from a user-centered design perspective, and ensures that you will consistently get the more of right people through the right activities in the right order.

Short lecture segments will alternate with practical hands-on work. Participants will complete exercises to apply key concepts to their specific situation.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to define mission-critical parts of your website
  • Defining and measuring the appropriate conversion action Segmenting your online audience into roles
  • Breaking down each role into specific tasks ("use cases")
  • Understanding key decision making steps (awareness, interest, desire, action)
  • Understanding the psychology of your audience and their cognitive styles

Presented by:
Rising Media
SiteTuners Conversion Rate Optimization


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