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September 30, 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013
8:00-8:45 am Registration & Networking Breakfast
8:45-9:00 am Welcome & Morning Remarks
Tim Ash: Conference Chair; CEO, SiteTuners & Author, Landing Page Optimization
9:00 - 10:00 am Keynote Presentation:
The Conversion Maturity Model - A Roadmap to Profitability

Tim Ash: Conference Chair; CEO, SiteTuners & Author, Landing Page Optimization

How mature are you? More to the point, how mature is your organization in terms of maximizing the value of conversion rate optimization? CRO pioneer Tim Ash will give you his perspective based on experience gained with hundreds of SiteTuners clients. See where your company stacks up in terms knowledge and capabilities, technology & tools, organizational structure, processes and culture. Pinpoint your current level of conversion maturity and understand how to get to the next level.

10:00 - 10:30 am Morning Break • Exhibit Hall
10:30-11:15 am
(Choose one)
Fleeting Opportunities: Capturing the (Mobile) Moment Charles Nicholls: Chief Strategy Officer, SeeWhy

On average 12% of ecommerce revenues come from mobile devices, and that figure is growing fast. Some major brands are now seeing a third or more of their revenues coming from smartphones and tablets.

Come see how consumers are using different devices for different tasks on their path to conversion, and what this means for conversion experts. Learn how to solve some of the key usability issues that stop consumers from converting on a mobile device and discover what optimization techniques are most effective at "capturing the moment" when consumers are on mobile device.

Multiple Tools, One Goal: Conversion OptimizationScott MacMillan: Director Digital Testing & Optimization, Fidelity Investments

With multiple tools and capabilities available to test and optimize, its critical to use the right tool for the right job to maximize results. When multiple tools are used simultaneously, it's even more important that they don't conflict and produce invalid data due to unintended consequences of the same visitors included in multiple optimization campaigns. Fidelity will share its learnings around simultaneously using tools for ad-optimization, A/B testing, web analytics, on-site surveys, and visual replay.

Design Levers: Using Psychology to Incite Conversion BehaviorsLarry Marine: User Experience Architect, Intiutive Design

Users, as humans, behave according to a few general principles that can be controlled to incite specific behavior. Good designs leverage these principles to guide users, but some common design practices violate these principles and immediately turn users off, killing conversions. Learn which design levers work and which ones don't.

11:30 am - 12:15 pm
(Choose one)
Brain Games: Creating Sites and Apps that are (Literally) Irresistible Charles Claxton: VP of Creative Strategy, Produxs

Isn't the point of conversion rate optimization to create an experience that draws your audience in and prompts them to take a particular action? So how do you make this happen? You play the brain game. You take a deep understanding of the audience and a sprinkle of behavioral psychology (time to tap into those build-in "cognitive biases") with the ultimate goal of creating effortless conversions.

Oxford Dictionaries define a habit as "a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up." Shouldn't we set our goal to create engagements with customers that border on habitual? In this session, you'll learn about the research methodologies and cognitive biases that trigger responses buried in your visitors' subconscious. You'll also find out how some of the most successful websites are using brain games to create enviable conversion rates.

Simple Payment Processing Tricks to Maximize ConversionsRey Pasinli: Executive Director, Total Apps Inc.

Marketing without sales is "Branding". Marketing with sales is "Expanding". Most marketers know how to get the consumer to the landing page but fail to optimize the checkout experience for their target audience. There are evolving technologies that now enable payments in Twitter and Facebook which can dramatically help to increase conversions. Come find out what you're missing so you can accept customers' money whenever and wherever they decide to buy.

Mobile First? 5 Reasons Why You Might Build a Mobile Site FirstAriel Weil: Director of Products, Yottaa

Given the rise in mobile computing, instead of "ticking the box" when it comes to your site's mobile experience, it may make more sense to start with your mobile experience. Mobile sites tend to be smaller and more focused, and many would argue that in creating a mobile solution content creators and designers are forced to crystallize their messaging and to hyper-optimize the end user workflow. Come see case studies of organizations that followed this approach, and learn when prioritizing your mobile site first might be the most effective deployment strategy.

12:15-1:30 pm Lunch and Roundtable Discussions
1:30-2:15 pm
(Choose one)
DIY Conversion Analysis: Using Data to Drive Design Decisions Peep Laja: Conversion Architect, ConversionXL

Want to stop designing for aesthetics and create a high performing, data-driven site? Learn how to use the data you already have at your fingertips to identify your biggest opportunities for conversion improvement. If you know your website could perform better, but don't know what to do to improve it, come find out what to look for in your Google Analytics reports, which reports are most critical to understanding your site's problem areas, and Peep's proven approach to leveraging this data to analyze and continuously improve your site. You'll also hear about some of the top tools you can use alongside your web analytics, and how to prioritize your conversion improvement activities.

Optimizing Your On-Site Video: 5 Proven Testing TipsJohn Cecil: President, Innovate Media / Oculu

Testing is common online, but many marketers don't test whether or not to include video on their landing page, not to mention what kinds of video are most effective. From video spokespersons to explainer videos, elements such as video length, gender of the model, whether or not to autoplay and of course script can all have a huge impact on conversion rates and should be tested and optimized. Learn how to apply the principles of A/B split tests to video optimization and how to prioritize which aspects of your on-site videos to test. For most sites, the issue is not whether video will increase conversions, but rather how small tweaks in production or delivery can really supercharge results. This session will change the way you think about video, and give you a roadmap for proving and maximizing its value on your site.

Mobile Usability Testing: Can You Click Me Now? Alfonso de la Nuez: Co-Founder and Co-CEO, UserZoom

Context matters with mobile, and testing mobile sites and apps in a natural environment is critical in mobile experience testing. Come hear how remote usability testing can help you cost-effectively collect user feedback, how to conduct unmoderated mobile tests and what you can expect in terms of results and metrics. You'll get specific advice about the mobile testing process, learn about tools available for mobile testing, and see examples demonstrating the setup and results of actual tests.

2:25 - 3:10 pm
(Choose one)
LPO 2.0 - User Experience OptimizationLance Loveday: Founder & CEO, Closed Loop

Tired of scratching and clawing with competitors for small incremental gains from your online campaigns? Learn how infusing some user experience considerations into your Landing Page Optimization efforts can enhance your campaign results. Lance will present multiple case studies and show you specific design examples from various companies that could make you rethink your entire approach to LPO and conversion optimization.

From Marketing Qualified to Sales Accepted - Optimizing Your Lead Gen Strategy Jeanne Hopkins: Chief Marketing Officer, SmartBear Software

If you have responsibility for generating qualified leads for a sales team, don't miss this chance to learn Jeanne's winning formula for identifying the optimal offer that will generate a steady stream of new, qualified leads. Get strategies for nurturing leads that the sales team won't work and measuring conversion when the sales team and marketing team define "qualified lead" differently. You'll see examples from companies like HubSpot, SmartBear, MarketingSherpa, and MarketingExperiments that have tested various offers and pages in search of the most efficient lead generation strategies.

You Don't Know Juan: The Top 10 Cross-Cultural CRO MistakesJoe Doveton: Director of Conversion Services, GlobalMaxer

If you are marketing to an international audience, you need to know the top cultural variations that will impact conversion. What you think you know about colors, linguistics, photography, payment preferences and design style could be completely wrong when delivered to audiences across different cultural backgrounds. Before killing your conversions with a global template design, come learn how culture affects user behavior and see examples of best and worst practices in cross-cultural digital marketing.

3:10-3:40 pm Afternoon Break • Exhibit Hall
3:40-4:25 pm
(Choose one)
Small Screen, Big ConversionsIan Everdell: Manager of User Experience & Research, Mediative

Conversion actions are different on mobile devices than on a desktop. This session will give you insights into some of the key behavioral nuances that exist in the mobile environment. Before you jump into a responsive design template, learn how people interact with hand-held devices. You'll get practical tips for addressing the challenges that exist when users try to complete a conversion action on a small screen. Plus, you'll see proven techniques for optimizing paid search, email and forms for mobile devices.

Adobe on Adobe: How We Lifted Conversions by 400%Jeff Fuhriman: Senior Manager of Conversion Optimization, Adobe

Marketers need to deliver digital experiences that resonate with target audiences, differentiate from competitors, and accelerate the sales cycle. Companies must learn how to effectively engage and connect with visitors by serving targeted content to the right audiences in order to nurture and accelerate leads to sales. Hear how Adobe has embarked on a journey to connect data from analytics, testing tools and visitor identification technologies to understand targets, personalize web experiences and better serve content to the accounts that are not only most likely to convert, but also most likely to buy. Learn tips and tricks for identifying, engaging and converting visitors from your most important segments.

Optimizing Phone Calls: Five Steps for More Rings Joel Harvey: Managing Partner, Conversion Sciences

On lead generating websites, a phone call can be 5 to 10 times more valuable than a form submission. So why do so many led gen landing pages make the same call-killing mistakes? This session will present 5 steps you can take to increase the volume and quality of phone inquiries. You'll learn how to develop the right call to action for generating calls, where phone numbers should be positioned on your pages, and how to identify the pages that generate the best calls for your organization.

4:35 - 5:20 pm
(Choose one)
The Wheel of Persuasion: 200 Techniques for Winning CustomersBart Schutz: Chief Persuasion Officer, Online Dialogue

Your customer is a brain. To persuade customers is to persuade brains, so the more you understand your customers' brain, the more you will outperform your competitors. Come take a spin through the wheel of persuasion in this insightful session that will show you how to start seeing conversion rate optimization as customer dialogue optimization.

Maximizing Conversion with Common User ScenariosBrian Lewis: Director of Optimization, SiteTuners

If you're not constructing User Scenarios to define your site design and information architecture, you're likely frustrating visitors, depressing conversion and wasting marketing dollars. In this session, you'll learn what User Scenarios are (and aren't), how they eliminate conversion-killing cognitive biases your stakeholders may bring to the design project, and why they need to be an integral step in your design process. You'll also see examples of User Scenarios in action and receive detailed tips for creating your own conversion-boosting User Scenarios. (This session is most appropriate for marketers who are new to creating and using user scenarios.)

Real Leads, Measurable ROI: Successful Strategies for Converting Through Social Harry Gold: Founder and CEO, Overdrive Interactive

Come see how companies and brands you know are using social media to generate real leads and measurable ROI - not just chatter and engagement. This session will showcase winning examples from Harley-Davidson, Bazooka Candy, Samsonite and others, revealing strategies and tactics that encourage sharing and prove that you don't need a million fans to succeed in social.

5:20-7:00 pm Cocktail Reception in the Exhibit Hall

October 1, 2013

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
8:45 - 9:00 am Morning Remarks
Tim Ash: Conference Chair; CEO, SiteTuners & Author, Landing Page Optimization
9:00 - 10:10 am Keynote Presentation
Making Mobile Count: The Foundations for Mobile Channel Success
Richard Banfield: Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, fresh tilled soil

Mobile user experience and design is an ocean of surprises and ambiguities. Designing successful experiences for mobile is no longer a "nice to have", it's about as critical as it gets. As more people use their phones to browse the web, shop and connect you'll need a foundation of mobile UX and UI principles to navigate the stormy seas ahead. The design strategies you've been using for web don't always translate to the mobile experience, leaving users lost and confused.

Don't miss this insightful and highly targeted keynote, in which Richard will present the core principles for mobile success and look at a selection of case studies in which traditional approaches failed to support users needs. You'll learn the best-practice principles behind implementing responsive websites or apps and get Richard's fail-proof process for overhauling existing designs to make them pocket-sized conversion machines.

10:00 - 10:30 am Morning Break • Exhibit Hall
10:30 - 11:15 am
(Choose one)
Facebook's Hidden Conversion Rate Impact Dennis Yu: CEO & Founder, BlitzMetrics

Social impacts your search, email, and other digital efforts. But how do you measure this? Learn how to split test your Facebook campaigns to measure this hidden lift via custom audiences, "secret" market analysis techniques, and the latest Facebook ad units.

What’s Wrong with Your Content Creation Strategy (and How to Fix it) Tom Webster: Vice President of Strategy, Edison Research

As the metric tonnage of marketing messages consumers are exposed to continues to increase, content marketers are faced with a daunting task: how can you make your content stand out? Join Edison Research VP of Strategy Tom Webster as he walks attendees through a strategic framework that will absolutely help marketers differentiate their content–and thus, differentiate their brands. Webster is a 20-year veteran of both marketing/advertising effectiveness research AND audience research, and he will combine those disciplines into an easy-to-follow, actionable way to look at the consumers of your content.

Give 'Em What They Want: Voice of the Customer and A/B TestingDavid Torchiano: Director of Online Optimization, New York Times

Voice of the customer (VOC) research produces a detailed and prioritized set of customer wants and needs. Incorporating VOC into your A/B testing strategy can help you identify website visitor segments and the pain points preventing visitors becoming customers. Come learn this advanced approach to A/B testing and test plan development, and see how you can optimize your online business for each customer type and each step of the value generation process.

11:30 am - 12:15 pm
(Choose one)
Get More Bang for Your PPC Buck with Optimized Landing Experiences Mary D'Alatri-Ward: Vice President of Account Services, ion interactive

Want to decrease your CPC, raise your quality score and get greater return on your ad spend? (Duh!) This session will unveil three of the easiest and most cost effective ways to boost your ppc and display ad effectiveness. You'll learn how to segment visitors so they hit the right page with the right content in the right format, how to target low funnel keywords to increase quality score and enhance relevancy, and how to increase the value of high funnel keywords through the power of conversion content marketing.

Everything You Know About UX and Conversion is Wrong Christina Inge: Director of Marketing, eZuce

There are many "urban myths" about the influence of user experience on conversion optimization. Some of the ones you may have heard include the belief that the shorter the text, the better, that scrolling is always wrong, and that bright colors convert best. But these truisms are only partially true. Come see examples of websites that have increased conversions by defying these UX tenets, and learn how context can help you break free of conventional wisdom and build the right user experience for your specific use case.

How to Win the Game of Optimization Politics James Niehaus:VP of Analytics & Digital Strategy, Ensighten

The dirty secret in our industry is that whether you are starting, scaling, or fine-tuning your testing program, you almost always have to deal with internal politics and red-tape. Politics can often be the biggest obstacle to your program's success: politics around why you need to test, arguments over results and learnings, which ideas get prioritized first, and much, much more. Since you cannot escape the politics of optimization, embrace them with these strategies and tactics for winning the optimization politics game. Learn how to handle IT, executives, the sacred corporate cows, process, analysts and marketers too.

12:15 - 1:30 pm Lunch and Roundtable Discussions
1:30 - 2:15 pm
(Choose one)
Motivational Design: A Framework for Driving Conversions Through Behavior ChangeKesavan Sampanthar: Research Director, Cynergy, The Experience Agency

Learn how to move people from awareness to immersion using Motivational Design, a framework for designing experiences that inspire people to change their behavior in order to affect a business goal. Human motivation is hard-wired in our brains, and you can leverage the core motivations that drive behavior change to make your online experiences more effective. Discover how to go deeper that superficial personas with a collection of design patterns that map motivational paths, connecting the dots between those motivational drives and behavior change.

Behavior-Based Personalization Secrets Karl Wirth: CEO and Founder, Evergage

Behavior-based personalization can drive 2x, 3x, 4x increases in conversion across the customer lifecycle. Optimizing a page's color, forms, and copy is essential, but nothing beats making that page (and the whole site) maximally relevant to each visitor. Through screenshots and video, this session will examine a set of case studies comparing real web experiences with and without personalization, including the impact on conversion rates and lessons learned.

Scaling Optimization: How to Turn Small Insights into Big Results Joel Kleinman: Director, Yield Optimization, Ask Partner Network

Whoever said "don't sweat the small stuff" was not talking about website optimization. When traffic volumes reach billions, every detail matters. Even for mid-sized sites, small percentage gains can add up to big wins over time. Learn how to develop a persistent and methodical mindset that will allow you to scale your optimization efforts and make a major impact on the bottom line.

2:25 - 3:10 pm
(Choose one)
Attendees’ Choice: Vote on the Session You Wish You Saw on Day 1 To be voted on by you!

We’re making our misfortune your benefit. We had a last minute speaker cancellation, so we’re giving you the chance to vote on the session from Day 1 that you’d like to get a second chance to see. Maybe you missed it the first time around, or you want the rest of your team to have the chance to see it. Whatever your reason, vote on your favorite session from Day 1 on the survey we’ll send out at the end of the day. Tuesday morning we’ll announce the winning session!

Testing Video for Conversion: How to Turn Viewers into Customers Greg Jarboe: President, SEO-PR & Author, "YouTube Marketing: An Hour a Day"

What have we learned about the psychological, social and content triggers that affect the success of video content? And how do you apply these lessons to developing and testing the potential of your video as a conversion driver? This session will include case studies and examples from brand side marketers regarding what problems they encountered, what tools they are using, and what results they have seen from conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Email CPR: Resuscitating Inactive SubscribersCraig Swerdloff: CEO, LeadSpend

If you're like most marketers, 30-60% of your email database is inactive and unresponsive. The impact is lost revenue, and potential deliverability challenges. Why did these subscribers stop engaging in the first place? How do you get them back? In this session, learn how to define inactives for your organization, how to breathe new life into your inactives, and how to avoid them flat-lining again in the future.

3:10-3:40 pm Afternoon Break in the Exhibit Hall
3:40 - 4:25 pm
(Choose one)
Fact & Act: How to Growth Hack Your Online Business Ton Wesseling: Chief Optimization Officer, Online Dialogue

A lot goes into growing a company: outperforming your competitors on quality, price and value, having a better understanding of your customers and what they want than your competitors have, and most importantly, applying those customer insights to continually enhance your offering. In short, if you're trying to grow your business online, you need to have an awesome conversion rate optimization process. Come learn Ton's Fact & Act theory of growth hacking online businesses, and see case studies that show this approach in action.

Snap, Crackle and Pop Your Way to Conversion Byron White: Chief Idea Officer, IdeaLaunch

Does your copy snap off the page? Is there a loud crackle when your product descriptions are read? Are your headlines eye popping magnets? Just like adding salt, pepper and secret spice to your favorite dish, you need to spice up your content if you want it to convert. Learn how to turn boring copy and mundane headlines into buzz saws that connect and convert. View sizzling samples that Snap, Crackle and Pop. And get the actionable insights you need to grow your business organically-- the content marketing way!

Bringing the Heat(map): Tools for a Quantitative Testing Program Matthew Zaute: Associate Director of Analytics, Rise Interactive

Any savvy marketer knows a portion of their budget should be earmarked for conversion funnel testing and optimization. However, among the myriad components in a conversion funnel, how does someone select which elements to test? Rather than rely on intuition or instinct, marketers will learn how to employ several tools to formulate hypotheses for testing from observable data based on visitor interaction. The session will cover statistical significance tests to use in different test situations.

4:40 - 5:20 pm Afternoon at the Improv: Live Landing Page ReviewsTim Ash:Conference Chair and CEO, SiteTuners
Lance Loveday: Founder & CEO, Closed Loop
Peep Laja: Conversion Architect, ConversionXL

Know your landing page has problems, but don't know where to start? Here's your chance to get some free conversion advice from the experts. This session, always a Conversion Conference favorite, is unscripted, unpredictable, and fun. You'll see live, spontaneous assessments of attendee web sites, complete with actionable advice on changes that could have an immediate impact on conversions. Whether you submit your site for review, or watch while your colleagues take the heat, there's no better way to see conversion best practices in action. You don't want to miss this session!

5:20 - 5:30 pm Closing Wrap Up


October 2, 2013

Wednesday, October 2, 2013
9:00 am-1:00 pm
Half-Day Workshop
Landing Page Optimization Introduction Tim Ash: Conference Chair & CEO, SiteTuners

How much money are you losing with poorly performing landing pages?

Changes in landing page efficiency can dramatically improve the profitability of your online marketing programs. This fast-paced and practical small group training will provide you with a crash course in landing page optimization. Landing page optimization expert and SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash will help you to improve conversions by applying "The Matrix" methodology to your landing page or website. The Matrix is a framework for understanding your audience from a user-centered design perspective, and ensures that you will consistently get the more of right people through the right activities in the right order.

Short lecture segments will alternate with practical hands-on work. Participants will complete exercises to apply key concepts to their specific situation.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to define mission-critical parts of your website
  • Defining and measuring the appropriate conversion action
  • Segmenting your online audience into roles
  • Breaking down each role into specific tasks ("use cases")
  • Understanding key decision making steps (awareness, interest, desire, action)
  • Understanding the psychology of your audience and their cognitive styles

Bring your team and register now
Presented by:
Rising Media
SiteTuners Conversion Rate Optimization