What Does “The Next Level” for Digital Marketing Look Like?

“We want to take our marketing to the next level.” We hear that often. But with digital marketing becoming more complex by the minute, what does the “next level” even look like? It’s Holistic With cross-device and cross-channel behavior becoming more the norm than the exception, marketing programs that are siloed by channel are going […]

Personalization and Your Customers’ Ecommerce Journey

Online shopping is no longer about the utility of the website or the moment the customer makes a transaction. Today’s e-commerce sites have become places to curate brand personality and create meaningful connections with customers. “#Ecommerce sites now curate brand personality & create connections w/ customers” -… Click To Tweet Personalization doesn’t simply instill loyalty with tailored […]

What User Experience Is About: The Pursuit of the Perfect Gift

“What’s essential is invisible to the eye.” – The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery As designers and creatives, a great deal of our work is done behind-the-scenes, invisible to the outside eye. Countless hours are dedicated to brainstorming, conducting research, collecting data, nurturing big ideas, using your imagination and discussing endless possibilities – all in the […]

2015’s Top 25 Conversion Rate Optimization Experts

Our friends at Hanapin Marketing (PPC Hero) recently released the results of their poll on who’s who in the conversion rate optimization field. We were delighted to find familiar faces in the final result, notably Conversion Conference founder and chairperson Tim Ash and a bevy of experts who’ve spoken at a ConvCon event. PPC Hero […]

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