Why I Want to Go to Conversion Conference Chicago

By Will Close Global Test Learning & Pipeline Coordinator, Dell If you work to improve conversion on your site – ConvCon is an event your peers will attend and you’ll be jealous. At San Francisco eMetrics 2012, a colleague and I snuck into the last 10 minutes of Q&A for the Conversion Conference. We were […]

Why I Want to Go to Conversion Conference

By Kamal Tahir Experian Automotive Conversion Conference is part about listening from the experts and their best practices, and part of it is engaging with peers from various industries and at various parts of the organization, all focused on that important question for marketers: how do you make the funnel more effective, reduce friction in […]

Ecommerce Revolution – Why The New Ecommerce Will Convert Better

By Martin Smith Director of Marketing, Atlantic Business Technologies, Inc. Sometimes your reach exceeds your grasp. As a former Director of Ecommerce for a multimillion dollar B2C site my reach exceeded my grasp daily (lol). You know you are an ecommerce online merchant when the disparity between grasp stops being unusual or strange. You know […]