Transform Your Images Into Hero Shots With These 7 Elements

Are your featured images aiding or hurting sales? Learn how to transition from basic images to compelling hero shots that drive epic conversion with these seven key principles. (BONUS: Get your FREE Hero Shot Scorecard!)  A “hero shot” is simply a credible photo or video of a solution that encompasses relevance, context, value, and emotion […]

7 New AdWords Tools & Features to Rock Your PPC Campaigns

Google is constantly testing and releasing new features in AdWords. Last year alone, we gained access to hundreds of new features, many that weren’t even announced! Of course, some of these changes have greater potential for impact than others, but how do you prioritize which bandwagon to jump on first? To save you time, I […]

Why You Should Invest in UX Design Now

Is your solution to increasing your sales based on attracting more visitors to your site rather than getting more sales from the visitors you do attract? Brands and businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars each month on SEO, PPC, etc., all to get more people to their site. Yet, they only make a token […]

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