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Wednesday, April 19, 2017 – Morning Keynote

Tim Ash
CRO to CMO – Fast-tracking your Marketing Career! Presented by Tim Ash 9 am – 10 am

CRO to CMO – Fast-tracking your Marketing Career!

Have you ever looked at the CMOs office and wondered how they got there?

Although individual talents and hard work count for a lot, there are many learned skills that are required to get to the top of the marketing field.

The great news is that working in CRO is the perfect training ground for many CMO qualities!

Practice these CRO skills now to fast-track your career:

  • Making measurement-driven decisions – but not using data as a crutch
  • Thinking strategically about the larger business when doing your work
  • Fixing known problems and focusing on missed opportunities
  • Building teams and coalitions to get things done across departments
  • Evaluating and successfully deploying promising tools and technologies
  • Building the business case for important projects
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