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Mona Patel

Half-Day Workshop with Mona Patel

Tuesday, May 17 1pm – 5:30pm Las Vegas, NV

Beyond Brainstorming: Empowering Your CRO Team to Think Creatively

What happens when your team finds themselves stuck – unable to come up with new landing page and testing ideas and stifling your optimization efforts? How does that impact team morale, growth, and your business overall? What if boosting their creativity also boosted output and the bottom line? Businesses are always looking for ways to stay current and innovate within their space. But even with innovative products/service offerings, CRO teams need to work harder and harder to make sure that growth continues to happen. How do you motivate and lead your CRO team when conversions are not happening, nothing seems to be working, and your team members are feeling stuck? How will you get them to use their creativity to push past all obstacles and continue coming up with new ideas?

Creative and disruptive design thinking often doesn’t happen because…

  • People lack the training and confidence to think creatively and disruptively
  • Individual, personal mindsets and biases (or external influences) prevent people from truly achieving better solutions
  • Successful people (and companies) sometimes have an aversion to risk or trying new methods
  • People are rewarded (or at least not reprimanded) for not being disruptive – preserving the status quo
Come learn a uniquely effective problem solving process called Reframework, developed and presented by UX strategist and author Mona Patel. In this workshop you’ll learn techniques to guide your team beyond brainstorming to harness the creative potential of each team member.
Reframe Book

All participants will receive a personalized autographed copy of Mona Patel’s 5-star book “Reframe: Shift the Way You Work, Innovate and Think.

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What You Will Learn

  • The benefits of using both Problempathy™ and empathy maps to reach a deeper understanding for a problem space
  • How to ask “what if…” questions to tap into your creative potential and create more opportunity spaces
  • Techniques for using the Funnel Vision™ placemat to filter all ideas generated and hone-in on the ideas worth exploring
  • A process for mapping out selected ideas on the HOW WOW™ matrix for visual representation of their feasibility and delightfulness
  • How to rapidly refine ideas to produce executable solutions that meet your business needs

Praise for Past Workshop Participants

“I went through this workshop–and it was one of the most impactful and FUN sessions I’ve ever participated in. Not only did we get actionable, innovative ideas for my own company’s trajectory out of it, but my brain was on fire playing with ideas!”

– Rachel Hofstetter, Co-Founder at Guesterly

“Working with developers everyday can elicit all sorts of unique roadblocks. This workshop gives me a way to proactively forge new solutions. I’d recommend it to those who want to broaden their spectrum of thinking, and find new responses for old challenges.”

– Stuart Sharpe, Global Business Development at Verizon-Edgecast

“This workshop was perfect for my team because normally, we all wouldn’t have worked on this problem — only those people who work with this department of the company. But now we all get to contribute, and we’re keeping each other on track.”

– Emily Monen, COO at PHHHOTO

“This was my favorite workshop that I’ve ever participated in. I loved the enthusiasm, and I’ve never before seen such a carefully laid out packet of materials. I really enjoyed the idea generation activity – it was so refreshing!”

– Ali Tobolsky, User Experience Consultant at Aquilent

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Who Should Attend

CMOs Marketing team leaders Conversion optimizers SMB executives Growth managers