Conversion Conference has evolved into

Digital Growth Unleashed

Speaker Speaker

Full-Day Master Class
with Bart Schutz & Ton Wesseling

Tuesday, May 17

9 am – 5:30 pm

Las Vegas, NV

Driving Exponential Growth Using Persuasive Psychology

Are you in the business of “delighting customers and driving conversions”? No!
So… you’re data-driven, run lots of A/B-tests, and measure your growth? That’s good! But do you know that 70% of your winning A/B tests are probably worthless or even counter-productive?

In this pressure cooker type Master Class, Bart & Ton will teach you how to avoid making the same mistakes as your competitors, and how to grow your business in a truly valid way, short-term and long-term.

Spoiler alert: knowing how to be data-driven and run experiments in a valid way is not enough for you to outperform your competitors’ growth. The winner in your market will be the one that boosts his online persuasiveness the quickest!

As peculiar as it sounds, the better you are at influencing your users’ mostly subconscious brain processes, the higher your growth curve will be.

In this Master Class, Bart & Ton will spoil you with mind blowing scientific insights about your customers’ brain. Moreover they will back their arguments with cases that caused exponential growth. And the best part: they will teach you how to apply a lot of the wonderful Wheel of Persuasion techniques to your existing sites & apps.

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What You Will Learn

  • How to outgrow optimization, and achieve exponential growth
  • How to maximize the ROI of your growth efforts
  • The 20 mistakes your competitors will make while A/B-testing
  • The way your users’ brain works while making decisions
  • 20 Pragmatic Persuasion Techniques to apply on your own digital efforts

Praise from Past Participants

“This Master Class is a perfect blend of gathering knowledge, understand how it works, and then apply it. This training is truly an eye-opener: You’ll look totally different at your customer and you’ll understand how you can apply this newly acquired knowledge”

– Dorine Saes , while working at the internet department of Rabobank (largest financial institution in the Netherlands)

“Highly recommended for anyone interested in the combination of psychology and conversion optimisation! This you do not want to miss!”

– Annemarie Klaassen, while working at the internet department of (owned by TUI – no.1 travel company in Europe)

“The best, quickest and most effective way to learn about the workings of our brain and a matching range of techniques to measurably grow online”

– Roald Tichelaar, while managing the eCommerce department of TU (largest technical wholesale company in the Netherlands)

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Who Should Attend

Digital managers

Digital marketers

UX designers

Optimization experts

Growth hackers